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One of the strangest processes I go through is setting priorities of what I need to work on. I can't say I finish one project and start on another. I often take a project to "a stable place" and then start on another "comprehensive" project that ends up as many smaller projects with their own lifecycle. The good news (and what allows me to be proud) is that I finish projects. Finishing is a big deal to me. I enjoy that part. A lot of folks get joy out of starting projects, but then get beaten down by setbacks and reality. Real progress (and growth) comes in steps. The stair rise is seeing and knowing progress. The stair step is when you dont see progress. You have to have faith you will get to the next rise. It will happen. In my latest "comprehensive" project "zoom room improvements" includes deep cleaning (inside and out), new electric, ethernet, and flooring. In addition, some foundation repairs. The original posts were set poorly and th

Existential Imperfections

Realizing and understanding you (and others) are not perfect doesn't get you any closer to being perfect. Nature is funny that way. When was it that you first realized that an algorithm very effectively predicted and presented something that you wanted to see?

Life in a Audubon Society Approved Community

I got this nice pic of a Green Heron on our dock yesterday evening. Weird looking when on the ground, very majestic in the air. For scale, the board he/she is standing on is a 2x4. It is a very large bird. Compare with post of my owl friend a little while back. here

East Coast Travel

We are back from the farm in NY and Connecticut. We flew up commercial. One of the strange things that happened was that we did a go-around both in Syracuse and Atlanta. Very unusual. That makes five times total ever I have been in a commercial plane for a go-around, two of them on this one trip. After landing in Syracuse I asked the pilot what happened "I could have made it, but there was a strong tailwind". I did notice on the flight tracker that there was a strong tail wind at a low altitude and he was hand flying the whole trip, he confirmed both. The new driveway on the new land connecting my farm is complete. The property has three driveways now. I had two of them added over the years. Frontage can be more important than acreage. With the new drive the possibilities of what to do has changed a lot. I am still planning for another special small house up on the hill-- not sure what else. But it is speaking to me. I flew the drone and took a lot of pics for conceptual map