What Virus?

Social Distancing they call it. I call it my everyday lifestyle. Even though I am not much of a germophobe, I am the one who gets up early to "beat the crowds". I am the one who often parks away from others or stands-alone. I have worked to break my herding instinct, but realizing that no man is an island. It is a gentle balance.

Fear is contagious. So is courage. I choose the latter. I am also not much for taking wild risks for some sort of thrill (personal value) nor taking action that will put others at harm (moral value). In a few hours I am flying up to Maine today from Atlanta. I will take an Uber to the airport versus Marta, and eat my meal made at home in first class. I went to the "Walmarts" this AM to take advantage of a sale. I think I saw the result of panic and lack of understanding of math associated with risk taking.

Some pics of the shelves in Walmart where there is supposed to be food and toilet paper. Also a pic of my shop in its "Its to-be better organized state".

My new bathroom is coming along in its blank canvas state. Walls, doors, electrical and plumbing will all be moved, of course. One of the keys is to not overbuild. I saw a lot of DIY remodeling that was done with such overkill. I had to rent a demolition hammer to get all the tile and metal reinforced concrete out. It's a house. It is not a megalith.


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