Fall is very nice in Atlanta. It is just starting to come on as fall now; the leaves are just starting to change.

I took these pics the other day thinking that "I live in a city now". This is at a mall in Buckhead, an affluent part of Atlanta about 20 minutes from my house if there is no traffic. Traffic can turn it into an hour+ trip. I remember some written inspirational advice I read many years ago. It said something like "Some point in your life, live in the Country and also live in the city." I guess I have.

I am off to Belgium and France in a bit. Many meetings.

Tonight is my regular Thursday night Portuguese Class. I am making progress, slowly. Understanding your personal learning style is important. Understanding your learning style for other languages is... well different.


David said…
You might be interested in what Tim Ferriss has to write about language learning. He's one of these guys who analyzes processes, takes out the waste, keeps only what's absolutely necessary and adds what others have done to get as quickly as possible from A to B. Google the following and you'll find more: tim ferriss language learning

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