I am not in Kansas anymore. I know, the saying is more than old. The folks in Kansas have a great base. It is something I revere as part of my aspirations of farm life. I am off to Europe again Saturday. I arrive in Prague, Czech Republic Sunday. We have a intense agenda. The Pareto Rule applies. "Get 'r done" in a Global City

DJ and I are looking at buying property in Costa Rica. It is difficult to schedule the visit/purchase because of work/project compulsion. And of course, spending much time there is a bit of a time-management conundrum as well. Actually, my vision is really developing a respite for friends and family from around the world. I can see a very nice visitor register (on paper) emerging, which of course is priceless.

The guy on the scooter... I had to take a pic. It was awkward taking the pic. I am glad I did. It was just too weird. What emotion does that image evoke? I get a few.

Interestingly enough when we were on the Interstate in Kansas we saw the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV). You may have have seen the hype on TV. The thing that struck me is that the guy who drives/does the TIV stuff on TV is Josh Wurman. Josh is the son of Richard Saul Wurman, one of the fathers of information design and he coined the phase "Information Architecture." At work, we are absolutely taking information architecture to the leading edge.


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