I am having a good Friday so far. It has been very refreshing talking technical publications and technical information strategy details with some large companies.

There sure are a lot of NYS forms and agencies to fill out for the bakery. It would be unwise to consider that she has it all figured out at this point. It is hard to imagine what a "non-free country" is like compared to these bureaucratic side-steps and barriers to entry.

Here is a current pic of the orange tree I started from an orange from my lunch in about 1998. I started eating the orange and discovered an enormous amount of seeds in it. I took some seeds from my mouth, placed the seeds in a coffee cup with paper towels and germinated them. I have lost count how many transplants and prunings it has gone through at this point. It needs another session. Behind the plant you can see Artemis hanging out in this delightfully warm weather (for a llama).


Todd Sheehan said…
Does the Orange Tree produce fruit?

Will your Information strategy talks produce fruit?

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