It is actually kind of hot out today, and in.

I am trying to prioritize items worthy of endeavor. There is a lot of stuff to do no doubt about it. I will have a regret when I leave this world. It will be I couldn't do more. It is what it is.

I bought a new truck, shown below. I pick it up Wednesday. It is a basic truck and last years model, but it will do me just fine. The diesel was a bit of an extravagance with all the features it had, but I got a great deal in 1997. I bought my first Chevy truck in 1984. I traded it in for a 1985 and had the 1985 one until I bought the red one in 1997. I am selling the red one myself just like I sold the blue 1985 one. They sell fast. "Pre-enjoyed" is what they say. I used most of the enjoyment up on both of them. The blue one had about 105,000 miles on it when (as my brother says) went to truck island and the red one has a low-low 154,000 on it. It has been said that the diesels don't run right until they have 150,000 miles on them.

Bonnie and I have agreed we need to get rid of "stuff". I think it is more than the usual spring cleaning. I will be selling stuff to be sure.

I went up in the C-172 below yesterday in the right seat with my mentor for some take offs and landings. "Around the Patch" they call it. Greene Airport (public 4N7) is pretty much a "patch" from the air. It looks like just another grid of agriculture. That and it is in a valley so finding it is pretty tough to begin with. We use landmarks on the hilltops to find the airport. There are no runway markings at all (besides the overgrown trees on the approach on the only sensible runway (25)). There are two windsocks and some mason jar covered lights deamarking the 200 foot wide runway. 4 clicks on the radio key and the lights turn on for 15 minutes. It is a cool place to learn how to fly. It is all about flying.


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