Well, I am sans 6 teeth today. I had 4 wisdom teeth and 2 molars pulled over the course of 45 minutes yesterday morning. It is the first time I have had a tooth pulled. If I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago I wouldn't have had to get the molars removed. Now I am on the track for perfect dental care. I have been at the fringes for years. The extraction wasn't too bad I guess as far as they go. There were no infections and most of them pretty much popped out. Only one of them hurt as it got yanked on and only one of them got really crunchy. It was also the first time I have had nitrous oxide. I find it to be very similar to beer without the nasty headache. It is over now and I can relax. I still have a lot of paper work to get through to be physically qualified. There are a lot of things to do in a very short amount of time in my case.

The really good thing is that when I ask these professionals for expediency and explain that I am going to Antarctica, they really work with you and make time and effort. There have been some pretty funny conversations such as the need to remove wisdom teeth to get to the ice.

My computer is almost back. I have a few more drivers to load and get right. I think I may coin a new tech phrase "OS atrophy". This is a condition that after a couple of years your OS registry and file system setup becomes increasing quirky and unreliable. At some point this atrophy causes the need for attention and reinstallation at some level. After a few years of getting updates, registry tweaks, upgrades, features, functions, compounded by hardware aging of the processor and peripherals it all adds up to the same thing. It takes a lot of time to get everything reinstalled and right again, no doubt.

I will be spending quite a bit of time this weekend on work related issues.


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