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Weeki Wachee Springs Well, we are back from Florida. We had a good time. We stayed in my brother's antique airstream trailer. You don't have to worry about EMP inside here. (note the secure URL site for the military definition) My Brother lives on a small farm in Brooksville FL and my Sister lives in Jacksonville. Bonnie's Cousins live in Fort Myers. We visited all of them. It was fun and different. I have to say at some points I went a little mental in the traffic jams. Brooksville is the home to the world famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids. There are several nature springs in the area. These are multi-million gallon types-of-springs making crystal clear water and a major tourist attraction. We did not go to the tourist attractions. It is nice to have friends and family that are not easily distracted by tourist attractions. However, we did do some paddling about in the areas of the springs. There are canals that have been dug that connect to the natural spring canal
The Rooster We have a rooster! Cousins Liz and Ken brought over a rooster for our chicks. So far things seem ok. The rooster wasn't crowing and he was lonely at my cousin's place. Our three hens are somewhat apprehensive at this point. Tomorrow we are off to Florida for the week. Click pic for video
MSN Search today this is a beta and it is poo-pooed by the media. it is disruptive innovation. poo-poo Tonight I am listening to Cree indian music and poetry and I moved into cool jazz (stan getz). I remembered something about how Bonnie and I ended up here in Berkshire. I saw, what I know now as disruptive innovation, the telecomunications explosion. I remember some great lectures of some great thinkers at SU school of information studies. I remember working hands-on with the extreme details in digital telecommunications in the early 1980s with early TI circuits (span line) and later on with Wireless, Ethernet, SS7, E1, J1. I remember living in Columbus Ohio with the Qube system of interactive media when I was in school out there. I remember at the same time one of my classmates interviewed as one of the first VJs for the then totally unknown MTV. This was long before the internet and I remember how the SU thinkers had referenced Qube long before a commercial Internet
I am currently in an XML class at work. I thought I would blog. I listed the 1939 22 HP Johnson outbord on ebay. I expect to get a 100 bucks or so. It is seized and very dirty. It looks like a great project for someone. The weather was great yesterday. I think it was 60 degrees. This morning I had a inch of snow on the ground! Good thing I put my snow tires on yesterday.
Small Business School - home.jsp I just finished an economics course. It was fun. In January I am starting a Finance course. I really like the economics way of thinking. The following is a piece of a transcript from the small business school tv program. I think it really rings of truth of capitalism. Adam Smith in the "Wealth of Nations" (1776) talks around this fundemntal concept that Novack puts in a nice simple wrapper. I really like this. HATTIE: We talk about our economic system so little. Michael Novak says that democratic capitalism can be thought of as a three legged stool. One leg is the rule of law. Democracy, the government, public servants. I like to think of them as referee's. they have on the black and white shirts and they're running up and down the field trying to make sure the bad guys are corrected or thrown out of the game. As a business owner, I feel that sometimes some are bureaucrats who are heavy handed, controlling, demanding and
I have lost a lot of weight, about 30 pounds. It has not been that easy, but I have cracked the code. I gave up coffee, switched to diet food for everything I could. I switched to eating lots of salads, and eating a lot of fruit and yogurt. I also do exercises every morning. You know... exercises. No equipment is required. You can do them anywhere you are. It is very practical and inexpensive. I was thinking that I have drank about a pot of coffee a day for 20 years. That works out to be 3650 gallons of the black stuff. That is a lot of coffee. I had a headache for three weeks when I quit, but it was worth it. The coffee seems to inhibit the production of insulin so some of the fat can never be burned off no matter how hard you try.